Brazing and welding assemblies

For the production of ovens and stoves, household appliances, printing machines, handles, bails and more, brazing and welding assemblies of different kinds are used.

The brazing and welding assembly production is taking place at rotary table brazing machines with an automatic solder feeding facility as well as electronically controlled resistance welding machines, which guarantee a faultless gas-proof connection with consistent high quality.

Dreisborner Metallwaren is one of the leading producers of gas connecting pipes and mains in Germany.

Brazing and weldingmethods:

  • Induction brazing machine
  • Three- and sixfold brazing machines
  • Hand brazing (brass- and silver solder)
  • Resistance welding up to 200 KVA
  • TIG-/MIG-/MAG-welding

In addition to technical competence, our flexibility, efficiency and speediness are some of our strong points - beginning with the processing of the inquiries to the quality management. In constructive and fair cooperation with our customers we develop optimum and innovative solutions.


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