Pipes and shaped components

For the production of ovens and stoves, household appliances, printing machines, handles and bails and more, pipes and shaped components of all different designs are used.

The production of pipes and shaped components is taking place by the most modern CNC- pipe rounding technique. During the planning and construction of complex metal solutions flexible and reliable technologies such as CAD come into operation. By constructive and consulting cooperation we carry out even challenging solutions together with our customers.

Shaping services:

  • Pipes made of metal, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal with Ø 2 – 35 x 3 mm, relating to bending radius (median bending radius) Rm = 2 x D
  • Largest bending radius Rm = 260 mm
  • Smallest bending radius Rm = 3 mm
  • Pipes up to Ø 12 x 1.5 mm and max. pipe feeding length of 1,800 mm in 2-radii- technique in one bending cycle possible.
  • Solid material of steel or stainless steel with Ø 2 mm to max. Ø 15 mm

In addition to technical competence, our flexibility, efficiency and speediness are some of our strong points - beginning with the processing of the inquiries to the quality management. In constructive and fair cooperation with our customers we develop optimum and innovative solutions.


Dreisborner. Metal in its best form.